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CO2... But Cooler!

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Reveal Younger, Healthier Looking Skin

CO2 treatments just became allot cooler…CoolPeel™ is a revolutionary treatment that safely and comfortably delivers the benefits of a traditional CO2 resurfacing treatment without the associated downtime. By targeting the superficial layers of skin tissue, damaged skin is removed to reveal younger and healthier-looking skin beneath the surface. This treatment effectively reduces fine lines, sun damage, pore size, and improves skin texture. CoolPeel™ gets its name because it does not deliver thermal damage. Rather, it delivers laser energy in short pulses that keep you comfortable while still delivering impressive skin resurfacing results.


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What makes a CoolPeel treatment different from other CO2 laser treatments?

CoolPeel™ is the only CO2 device that has the ability to deliver an ablative treatment without causing thermal damage to the tissue. Unlike most ablative lasers, which remove the top layer of the skin and usually entail a week or more of downtime, the CoolPeel™ treatment has a super short pulse duration that creates a controlled injury with less heat build-up in the skin. This results in less redness, flaking and peeling afterward.

Coolpeel ™ can be used to treat a variety of skin concerns and is especially useful for reversing signs of aging. The treatment can be used to:

Eliminate fine lines, reduce wrinkles, reduce appearance of pore size, improve skin texture, treat sun damage and remove sunspots, soften acne scars and more…



What is the downtime associated with CoolPeel?

Coolpeel™ treatment settings can be adjusted to the patient’s desired downtime. Generally, the more downtime associated with a treatment, the more dramatic the results. Further, more aggressive treatments need fewer sessions. Coolpeel™ treatments with little-to-no downtime should be performed in a series of three to six sessions, while more aggressive treatments will yield results in one to two sessions. Our practitioners are trained to safely choose settings for two, three, four and five-days of downtime based on your skin type.

What is the difference between CO2 laser resurfacing and CoolPeel?

Whether you would prefer the benefits of CO2 laser resurfacing via CoolPeel treatments or traditional CO2 laser resurfacing treatments, the power of CO2 can be leveraged for anyone. CoolPeel is an innovative way to enjoy similar benefits of CO2 laser resurfacing treatments without the downtime and risks. Traditional CO2 laser resurfacing treatments are still ideal for patients seeking dramatic results in as few treatments as possible. For patients looking to reduce deeper wrinkles or severe texture issues caused by scars or other signs of ageing, traditional CO2 laser treatments are an excellent choice to deliver dramatic results. The disadvantage of traditional COtreatments is the longer periods of downtime and risks associated with a more aggressive treatment. 

Can CoolPeel be combined with other treatments for enhanced results?

Yes, CoolPeel can be used in combination with other aesthetics treatments. With CoolPeel patients can experience skin tightening however, depending on the severity of skin laxity our aesthetic practitioners can recommend combination treatments such as RF microneedling and HIFU treatments like Focus Dual for optimal results.

For patients who have sunspots, lentigines and facial redness, CoolPeel can be combined with Lynton IPL treatments. The LUMINA targets the redness and brown spots while the CoolPeel targets fine lines wrinkles from the ageing process

How should I care for my skin after treatments?

In the week following treatment, the skin will have a rough texture. We recommend using gentle cleansers, moisturiser, and sunscreen SPF 50 during this time. After one week, it is safe to exfoliate the skin. 

We can recommend safe and effective skincare for you to use post treatment.

Am I a CoolPeel candidate?

Are you eligible for a Cool Peel CO2 laser treatment?

Generally, we recommend this treatment for anyone who is looking to do the following:

  • Minimise the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines on the face.
  • Reduce the appearance of sun-damaged spots.
  • Minimise the size of pores.
  • Reduce the overall look and texture of the skin.
  • Achieve an all-over glow plus a younger and healthier appearance.

If you have any skin conditions or medical issues that might impede you from properly healing, you might not be a good candidate for CoolPeel; during your consultation at The Lynton Clinic, we’ll ask you more about your medical history to ensure you’re qualified for a safe and successful treatment.

Customer Testimonials

My skin looks so much clearer, I even cried the other morning when I saw it and it looked so much better! I am so happy with my results!

Jenny M

Kirsty was very knowledgable and informative re treatments and products. I enjoyed the treatment and look forward to achieving results that I’ve discussed with Kirsty, she was not pushy in anyway and I feel  confident that The Lynton clinic can help me with my skin care.

Wendy, Knutsford

I have been going to Lynton Clinic now for a couple of years. I guess something that could be considered quite a daunting experience is actually quite the opposite.... Kirsty is very professional and knowledgable about the various different treatments on offer. I feel as though real advice is given, and appropriate recommendations are made. For me there is no focus on pushing sales or further treatments. On top of the excellent level of professionalism is an air of warmth and friendliness. This starts from the moment you walk through the door, greeted by Emma with a friendly smile and a nice hot cup of coffee! If you are considering laser treatment I cannot recommend Lynton Clinic enough!! Steve B

Stephen Belshaw

Have been to several clinics for laser hair removal and The Lynton is by far the best. Lovely friendly staff who put you at your ease, together with excellent treatment. Highly recommend.

Janet J

Loved my experience here, Emma was so helpful and my treatment was amazing!!! I’ve had laser before and it can be uncomfortable in places but this pain free laser is worth every penny, I didn’t feel a thing?!! And my skin looks great, so happy I decided to do this, thank you

Donna Morris

I recommend laser hair removal at The Lynton Clinic as it has been a very positive experience for me with fantastic results. Kirsty fully explains what the treatment entails and carries it out with such professionalism that you know you are in good hands. I wouldn't go to any other clinic for treatment.

Alison Ferrier

Thank you so much for doing some amazing work on my neck, face and chest. I really respect and trust what you do. Take care! See you soon and keep safe ya'll

Anne Worthington

I recently visited the clinic for some thread vein removal and I was very happy with the treatment that I received. My vessels already look much better and I found the staff to be very professional and helpful. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

Martin Rowe

The staff at the Lynton are always friendly and professional. The treatment is excellent and I would recommend the Clinic without hesitation.

Pauline, Cheadle

Thank you so much for doing some amazing work on my neck, face and chest. I really respect and trust what you do. Take care! See you soon and keep safe!

Anne, Whalley Range, Manchester

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